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Reviewed by manuelasaez 8 / 10

A lot better than I expected it to be. A solid effort by everyone involved.

I have to admit, this is one of those movies that you have the lowest expectations for; it took forever to release, after years in studio limbo, and when it was finally unleashed to teh masses, it did so with little fanfare. I understand that found-footage isn't really a viable genre choice in 2018, but still, I gave it a chance. Boy, was I happy I did! This was one of those movie that got so much right, that i began to wonder why anyone sat on it for so long.

The story was interesting and fast paced. The set-up was clear, and everyone did their absolute best with what they were given. No complaints there.

The found-footage was obviously pass?, but the way that it was done in this movie actually made it bearable. The killer used dozens of cameras strategically placed all over the home to film each kill. So, in essence, the final film is a amalgam of all of the clips each camera captured. It was a unique and entertaining way of showing the action unfold without relying on the old FF tropes.

The acting was great and often very effective, especially when it came to the two kids. Everyone took this script seriously, and it showed in the final product. These people should feel proud that they gave it their all.

This movie hits all of the right notes, so why was it treated like a leper? Well, for a few reasons, actually. The movie has no gore or violence. Everyone who dies does so quickly, and there is very little blood. There is also no foul language in this movie, making me think that it was aimed at children (under 25 years old).

The manner in which it ended validated the entire movie for me, but most people are entirely too sensitive to anything that doesn't conclude in a happy ending. I love movies that go against the grain and actually want to depress their audience, but I can see why this movie wasn't given a theatrical run.

Overall, it's not a game changer, but nor is it as bad as many people would have you believe it to be. If nothing else, it goes to show that even tired genres can be give a new life at the hands of truly talented people with a decent budget.

Reviewed by adonis98-743-186503 7 / 10

This was so much better than i expected..

A family become imprisoned in their home by intruders, who force them to play a life-and-death game, where the mysterious rules become clear as the night unfolds. Keep Watching is a film that i didn't know what to expect and honestly? It was pretty good and better than what i was expecting it to be. First of all Bella Thorne gives a pretty good performance in the lead role as Jamie, Natalie Martinez and Ioan Gruffudd are also good with the material that it was given to them although i wish they had a bigger screen time. The film is creepy and has a nice vibe to it even tho we've seen the same exact plot many times before. Plus even tho we don't know much about the characters i found myself invested to each and every single one of the characters and the actors in general which is good. Now as far as flaws? The whole found footage thing was kind of annoying and i hate that kind of camera work it's not artistic it's dumb, the clich?s are also there with either people screaming or saying the classic line "anyone there?" also i wish that the ending was a bit better? But overall the movie was good not perfect but a good 1hr and 29 minutes thriller with a few good performances, characters and some nice creepy sequences . (7.5/10)

Reviewed by billsorensen38 7 / 10

Quite a fun ride

I was surprised at how good this turned out to be. Expected it to be just another found footage and since it was shelved since 2014, thought it probably wasn't going to be that great. But when it gets going, I was on the edge of my seat and the killer(s) were quite terrifying. Except for one annoying character and maybe too much use of the line "Why are you doing this to us", I was impressed. Ending was ok but left open for a sequel. Check it out.

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