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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Harrison Tweed (Top Dawg) 9 / 10

Very enjoyable action thriller worth the watch!

Ethan Hawke is always awesome in all his films and this one is no exception. His amazing fast paced action kept you reeled into this film. At first I thought "great, another one of these films" but it was very well done. Great direction, writing/screenplay, cinematography and action scenes. It was great to see Rutger Hauer in a film - been a while, but it was also enjoyable to see GOT's 'Sir Davos' Liam Cunningham in a role he played well. Much better film than I expected and certainly not deserving of its low rating. It's a well deserved 9/10 from me!

Reviewed by baqari-com 8 / 10

Action movie Renaissance is officially on...

Don't get me wrong. I'm not saying this is a great movie. By all means no. It has a decent plot, couple of twists and well acted characters.

What i want to focus on is the primary goal of every action movie: delivering understandable action. Now since "John Wick" came out i've watched a lot of action movies and started to notice a change in the way action is filmed and edited. Of course there are a lot of quick cut/shaky madness action films from recent years, but for every "Sleepless" you get a movie like "Acts of Vengeance", for every "Kickboxer 2" you get "Boyka: Undisputed", for "The Hunter's Prayer" you get "Bushwick" and for "American Assassin" you get "24 Hours to Live". What i mean by this? These movies actually let us see what is going on in terms of action scenes.

In this particular movie when Ethan Hawke fights, we see all of it. No quick cuts. The camera moves in wide angle, giving us a clear view. Gun fights have clear sense of direction and geography. Even shootouts during car chase are done better, than in larger films. Now is it as good as "John Wick Chapter Two" or "Atomic Blonde"? No! But it's better than most.

So if you want to watch and enjoy an Action film, where you don't get lost in the action itself, i definitely recommend this movie.

Reviewed by jon-22643 8 / 10

A great Ethan Hawke action movie

i give this movie 8/10 yep i'm sure you wonder how come, so let me explain there's nothing in this movie you haven't seen before but there is something different about it, you'll have to see it to see what i mean it's a mix of action, thriller, and fiction, but it's Ethan Hawke that makes it all fit. i'm a fan of Ethan Hawke, and in this movie he does what i enjoy to see him best - kick ass, and he delivers. the movie flows, smoothly, and non-stop. sure it has some holes in it, most movies have, but at the end you'll get a great dose of Ethan Hawke action, which in parts can remind John Wick, one man vs dozens of well armed and trained killers. the movie takes place in south Africa so the location makes the movie more exotic and bit more real. the actions scenes and well made, the actors are making a good job, and the movie won't stuck in long dialog or boring takes. it's a great fun movie for those who would like to enjoy some good action, Ethan Hawke is a great action actor, i wish he had much more roles like this he can handle it great (he did have parts in action flicks since Training Day), the way he moves, shoots, drive, and bleeding is simply so authentic you can just lay back and enjoy.

although there are some twists in the movie, any veteran would predict them in advance, but for me, the entire movie, from the first scene to the last was pure enjoyment, do not expect too much and you'll be surprised, highly recommended!

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